• See the Future – Look to Israel

    Mind-boggling predictions about Israel are written in the Bible. The Holocaust (in the book of Habakkuk), the sudden birth of modern Israel (Isaiah), a Russian-Islamic invasion of Israel (Ezekiel), EU-led persecution of Israel (Matthew), the last world war of this age, Armageddon (Zechariah) – and a glorious millennial age centered around Jerusalem (Isaiah). Look to Israel and see the future!

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  • trusting in Jesus

    Israel – A Timeline for World Events

    Tiny Israel cannot be ignored. The milestones in Israel’s history – from Abraham to the Jew Jesus – start a planned (transcendent) timeline. And the prophesied milestones for Israel’s future (a restored nation, a middle east war and Christ’s rule from Jerusalem) complete the timeline. What happens to Israel in the future will affect all nations and all individuals. Israel will soon be the vortex of world events.

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  • Prophecy fulfilled by Israel

    Jesus said that one day Jerusalem would be liberated from Gentile nations e.g. Turkish rule. Many say this event was initiated in 1917 (through General Allenby) and completed in 1967 when Jerusalem came fully under Jewish rule. Prophecy said Israel would be “born in a day” and this happened in 1948. Prophecy also said God would draw His scattered people out of the nations and bring them into their promised land. Israel’s Jewish population increased by 7,700 percent over the last 100 years!

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  • The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

    Israel is central to God’s plan for the world. The Bible says she is God’s witness and servant in the world and through her the world will be blessed. Sadly not all agree, especially the Arab leadership (Hamas and Hezbollah). It is their opposition to the very existence of Israel that has led to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Palestinian refugees, and much unnecessary suffering of the Palestinian people.

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  • Israel’s Future Borders

    The UN, world governments and the Palestinian leadership insist on ignoring the true legal borders embedded in Article 80 of the UN Charter. This article recognizes the ‘Mandate for Palestine’ of the League of Nations which allows Jews to settle anywhere between the Jordan and the Mediterranean Sea.
    Israel’s future borders are found in Bible prophecy and align very closely with the borders given by God to Moses as Israel entered Canaan. They include the Gaza strip, the West Bank and Lebanon.

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  • Jews

    The Mystery of Israel the Fig Tree

    Unrecognized by many, the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948 was a major sign of the end of the age. Other signs are the recent return of millions of Jews to their biblical homeland – Israel (ancient Canaan) – and the blossoming of the nation in terms of prominence on the world stage. Even the land itself has been restored, as prophesied. Jesus likened all this to the blossoming of the fig tree in His parable about the end of the age.

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  • Jerusalem – Seat of Future World Government

    The prophets describe Jerusalem as the seat of the final world government. World powers like Russia, China, America and the EU all fade into insignificance compared to the prophesied millennial government from Jerusalem. It is described as “the City of the King”, “the City of Righteousness”, “the Holy City”, “the LORD is there”, “the City of Truth” and “the Throne of the LORD”. From here, Christ will rule the nations in power, righteousness and peace.

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  • Jesus and Israel: What’s the Connection?

    Jesus of Nazareth died some 2,000 years ago. But the Bible claims He rose from the dead and today billions of people pray to Him and hang on to every word He said (as recorded in the New Testament writings of the Christian Bible). Here’s a series of thought-provoking articles about this Jesus, born a Jew in Israel and predicted to return to the Mount of Olives to rule the world as King from Jerusalem.

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  • Interesting Facts

    A brief discussion of interesting facts and events from scientific and biblical viewpoints. Why did man’s lifespan suddenly decrease some 4,000 years ago? Why have the Jews survived 2500 years of persecution in foreign countries? Why was the design of Noah’s Ark similar to modern naval practice? Does speaking “No” affect your health? How is the number 3,168 linked to Jesus? Why do polystrate fossils cast doubt on evolutionary theory?

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  • The Feast of Trumpets and the Rapture

    The Book of Leviticus lists seven mandated annual “Feasts of the LORD” for Israel. All seven feasts point to Yeshua (Jesus) and so all seven are relevant to both Jew and Gentile today. They show in a prophetic sense God’s master plan for mankind. Four feasts have been fulfilled by Yeshua. The remaining feasts (Trumpets, Atonement and Tabernacles) point to major world events at the end of this age and into the next. Does the Feast of Trumpets point to the Rapture?

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What is modern Israel all about? What are the facts about Israel?

Did you know ...

the most used proper noun in the King James Bible after "Lord" (7365 times) and "God" (4293 times) is "Israel" (2509 times). "Church" appears just 141 times. So why does the church ignore Israel?

Israel is a contentious issue. In a BBC poll of 22 countries, Israel was the fourth-most-disliked nation. But some see something special about the nation of Israel. As John F. Kennedy remarked:

"Israel was not created in order to disappear – Israel will endure and flourish. It is the child of hope and the home of the brave. It can neither be broken by adversity nor demoralized by success. It carries the shield of democracy and it honors the sword of freedom.

Time to see what the Bible says?

Facts about Israel: A Planned Timeline for Mankind

Ever wondered where the world is going? Why the turmoil? Look at Israel from the inspired scriptures and you will see a mysterious timeline. It's a plan for mankind embedded in the past, present and future of Israel. Major world events are not random but are part of this plan. It offers hope and purpose for all mankind.

Go deeper at God's world timeline.

Facts about Israel: A Sign to the Nations

Look at Israel today and you see a plan being worked out. As promised in the Hebrew scriptures, you see a people gathered out of the nations and living in a land promised to Abraham and his descendants. You see a tiny nation that rose rapidly to world prominence. You see a nation blessed in agriculture, inventive genius, and oil and gas reserves. You see a nation miraculously protected by the God of Israel and a nation that becomes the focus of the last war of the age. And you see a nation that will usher in world peace. Israel - God's sign to the nations!

Facts about Israel: Centre of Future World Peace

Yes - given the world turmoil it sounds impossible for Israel to be the country that issues in a lasting world peace. As of May 2019 there were 33 conflicts across six global regions, link. And Bible prophecy says there will be at least two Middle East wars before the end of the age. But in the next age there will be lasting world peace as the nations are ruled from Jerusalem. More ...

Besides the boycotts and large number of UN resolutions against Israel, what about the 15,000 rockets and mortars that targeted Israel since 2001, and the 100,000 missiles now ready to hit Israel from Lebanon?

Careful observers of the Middle East have to admit that there is something special about Israel. A plan has unfolded over the past 100 years - it is God's plan for Israel and the nations!

Israel Tomorrow – Sorrow and then Honor. Israel will soon be the Focus of the Nations

Imminent Middle East War

Whilst the world is focused on trade wars, Iranian threats of war, North Korean missiles – and of course on the Brexit-EU issue, serious things are brewing in the Middle East. The prophet Ezekiel describes the so-called ‘Gog-Magog’ war – an invasion of Israel from the north by Russia and Islamic nations.

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The immediate future of Israel is one of growth followed by a time of severe trouble. But after that Israel experiences a long, glorious peace as Christ reigns the earth from Jerusalem.

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