Israel and the EU


Israel and the EU

Is there a mysterious connection between Israel and the EU? Will the EU be a serious threat to Israel in the foreseeable future? To answer these questions we need to look deeper into the EU.

Discussions about the European Union (EU) often reduce to economics, immigration or politics (as in democracy, or the lack of it). But is there a deeper issue here? The Bible claims there is a spiritual world operating largely unseen in parallel with the observed world. It says there is an on-going spiritual battle between good and evil, between truth and error. So does this spiritual world (as in the biblical text) have anything to say about today’s governments, particularly the move to world government? In fact – it does!

It turns out that what we observe on the world political scene today is a visible manifestation of this battle and that politicians and governments can be seen as pawns in a very powerful game. Like pawns in chess, governments are often unaware that they are a visible means to a spiritual end. This applies particularly to the EU which, according to the Bible, appears to be spear-heading one side of this spiritual battle.

Israel is the Key to Understanding the European Union

israel the key

Fig.1: Daniel’s vision of four empires that dominate Israel

The key to understanding the real issues behind the EU and moves to a world government lies with the tiny nation of Israel. Surprised? Then let’s look at prophecy found in Daniel chapters 2 and 7. In a vision, the prophet Daniel saw four great empires (or governments) symbolized in a great statue, Fig.1. His vision occurred at the start of the first of these governments (Babylon). It was not concerned with most of the nations or empires of history, but only with those nations that would have a direct and serious impact upon the nation, Israel. Specifically, it concerns those empires that severely weakened or effectively destroyed Jewish rule from Jerusalem, starting from the time of Daniel c600 BC.

Historically, in chronological order, these empires were the Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman empires, link. The Roman Empire was symbolized by the statue’s legs of iron (symbolizing the eastern and western empires of ancient Rome). Although this empire granted the Jews some measure of autonomy in Jerusalem, Judea was in reality ruled from Rome.

Here’s a crucial point: The last of these ruling empires is the Roman Empire. We know this because Daniel chapter 2 verses 34,35 state quite clearly that all forms of secular world government cease when Christ returns:

A stone (Christ) was cut out without hands, and it struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay (the fourth and last empire), and crushed them (removing all remnants of the four empires)” (Dan 2.34)

So the last of the empires or governments listed in Daniel 2 and 7 is the last empire or government that hurts Israel. But how can Christ strike the Roman Empire when it no longer exists? The answer lies in a revived form of Roman Empire!

Israel and the EU: A Revived Roman Empire

As shown in the statue, the last of these governments is the Roman Empire! History shows this came and went. Or did it? The strong prophetic implication is that the Roman Empire exists in some form at the time of the return of Christ since it is Christ who destroys it (Dan 2.34). But wait a minute – didn’t tyrannical Roman rule over Israel end around 313 AD with the creation of the Byzantine form of the Roman Empire? Yes … and no. The point here is that Daniel’s prophecies strongly imply that a form of the ancient Roman Empire will emerge in its historical crushing and controlling form at the end of this age.

The book of Revelation fills in the prophetic picture by adding more detail to Daniel’s vision. It speaks about seven empires (or kings):

They are also seven kings: five dead, one living, the other not yet here — and when he does come his time will be brief (Rev 17.10)

These empires can be identified as the Egyptian, Assyrian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian, Greek and Roman empires, with one to come. The “one living” was the Roman Empire. But what about the one to come?. Taken with Dan 2 and Dan 7, this suggests that the one to come must be a revived form of the historic Roman Empire. How else can Christ strike it and destroy it? Revelation 13 endorses this view and refers to the final empire as ‘the beast’, an empire born out of previous empires:

The beast I saw resembled a leopard (Greek Empire), but had feet like those of a bear (Medo-Persian Empire) and a mouth like that of a lion (Babylonian Empire) (Rev 13.2)

Revelation 13 goes on to describe a crushing world government with complete control over individuals. So let’s take a look at Europe today and see if the EU is a close fit with Bible prophecy. In particular we ask: “Is the EU the kernel of the final form of Daniel’s fourth and last empire?” In other words “Is the EU strongly connected to ancient Rome?” We also ask: “Will the EU head up an end-time invasion of Israel (as implied in Daniel’s vision of a ‘crushing Rome’)?


Connections of the EU to ancient Rome

Israel and the EU

The Palazzo dei Conservatori in Rome – location of the signing of the Treaty of Rome in 1957. GNU and CC license.

The Treaty Connection

Historically, the city of Rome was the center of the ancient Roman Empire (the fourth empire of Daniel’s vision). At its peak Rome was declared “caput Mundi i.e. the capital of the world, and that meant total rule over the people of Israel. Recall that the Jewish Temple and the rest of Jerusalem were reduced to rubble by the Roman Emperor Titus in 70 AD.

Coming to modern times, the Treaty of Rome was signed in March 1957 and its purpose was to set up the European Economic Community (EEC). Recalling that day, an aide to the Belgian Foreign Minister Paul-Henri Spaak recalled the mood after the signing of the treaty:

Spaak turned to us and said ‘Do you think we have today been putting the first stone of a new Roman Empire, and this time without firing a shot?” [TIME June 13, 2005]

Even after the advent of the EU in 1993, the Treaty of Rome still remained one of the EU’s core documents, and so many see the Treaty of Rome as the seedling of the EU.

It is interesting that the seed of the EU was signed in Rome, the seat of historic Rome! But the exact location of the signing is even more intriguing. The location suggests the EU has sinister roots. It was signed in the Palazzo dei Conservatori (Palazzi di Campidoglio) on Capitoline Hill in Rome. Capitoline Hill is one of the Seven Hills of Rome and was the citadel of the earliest Romans, link. So this hill once housed the offices of the Roman Senator and of the Conservatori (his assistants). It also housed the Temple to Jupiter, link and every year the Roman Senate held their first meeting in the Temple. Jupiter was the protector, the ‘Conservator’ of Rome. Moreover, Jupiter was the Roman successor to the Zeus and the altar to Zeus in Pergamos is described as Satan’s Throne (Rev 2.13).

So the Treaty of Rome, the seedling of the EU, was signed in historic Rome – a nation which persecuted the Jews. Moreover, it was signed in the Palazzo which had been constructed in the Middle Ages on top of the Temple of Jupiter, a successor to Zeus. It was signed in a location linked to Satan’s throne!

The Religious Connection

Charlemagne (c800 AD) envisaged a unified Christian Empire – a Holy Roman Empire, link. Other leaders had that vision after him and today the EU works very closely with the Vatican (Rev 17.3-9). We note that the strange ‘Europa and the bull’ symbol – a woman riding a beast (Rev 17.3) – is common throughout the EU. Some believe it symbolizes an ecclesiastical system riding (and by implication, controlling) a secular governmental system. And rather than believe the official explanation, some believe that the EU flag (12 golden stars on a blue background) actually reflects a Roman Catholic interpretation of Rev 12.1.

The Strong & the Weak: the ‘Iron & Clay’ Connection

Here the resemblance of the EU to Daniel’s fourth empire (Rome) is astounding. In one sense the EU is strong. Its constitution claims ‘absolute power’ over member states. In other words, EU law has supremacy over the law of member states, just like the devouring uncontrollable beast seen by Daniel (Dan 7.19). Like ancient Rome, this system seems ‘strong as iron’ (Dan 2.41), dominating member states. Just as ancient Rome granted full citizenship to provincials en masse to secure their loyalty, the 1992 EU Maastricht Treaty forced all citizens of member states to become citizens of the EU.

On the other hand, the EU has a fundamental weakness in that member states tend not to adhere to each other. Generally speaking they do not cooperate. The Bible implies exactly that when referring to Daniel’s fourth empire:

Just as the toes of the feet were part ceramic and part iron, it will end up a mixed bag of the breakable and unbreakable. That kingdom won’t bond, won’t hold together any more than iron and clay hold together (Dan 2.43)

The ‘Defiance of God’ Connection

Israel and the EU

Old EU poster

Israel and the EU

European Parliament in Strasbourg. Image: Ralf Roletschek, Wikinews, GFDL, CC 3.0

Babylon originated as the city of Babel and quickly degenerated into idolatry. Babel is well known for its (unfinished) tower, Nimrod’s monument to the greatness of man rather than God. Today, the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg is modeled on this biblical structure, with a clear ‘unfinished’ appearance.

An old EU poster, known as ‘the construction site poster’, showed a painting of the partly constructed tower of Babel, with a crane in the background. It showed inverted stars above the tower (an inverted star is a witchcraft symbol) and the logo was ‘EUROPE: MANY TONGUES ONE VOICE’. This glorification of man and unification against God is precisely why God destroyed man’s efforts in Gen 11. A repeat performance is prophesied at the end of the age.

Also, the pagan Pergamon Altar now resides in restored form in the Pergamon Museum, Berlin. In Roman times, Pergamum (Pergamon) was the center of the imperial pagan religion and Christ saw it as the place of Satan’s throne (Rev 2.13). So a pagan altar from Satan’s throne is now on show in the EU!

Finally, the EU Constitution omits the word ‘God’, and prophecy indicates that the EU will be led by one who exalts himself above God (Dan 11.37). This same despicable person disrupts life in Israel by removing Jewish sacrifices (Dan 11.31) and places his palace in the land of Israel:

He will pitch the tents of his royal pavilion between the seas and the beautiful Holy Mountain; yet he will come to his end, and no one will help him (Dan 11.45)

In this sense, end-time Israel will indeed be ruled by a successor to ancient Rome, albeit for a short time only (see below).

The World Government Connection

A common prophetic interpretation of the feet and toes of ‘iron and clay’ in Dan 2.33,42 is that they symbolize the revived Roman Empire and the heart of a world government. Elsewhere this is described as a ‘ten-horned beast’ born out of the historical Babylonian, Persian, Greek and Roman Empires (Dan 7.19,20, Rev 13.2). We note that the Club of Rome and the UN see the world divided into ten political-economic regions, link. See a map of these regions.

Thankfully, as already mentioned, this crushing world government will be short-lived (Rev 13.5, Rev 17.10) as the feet of iron and clay are struck and broken at the Second Coming of Christ (Dan 2.34). The EU and all remnants of godless world government will be removed forever (Dan 2.35, Dan 7.11,26, Rev 19.20).


This YouTube video explains much of what we have discussed and clearly shows the deep and sinister roots of a world government centered on the EU:



Bible prophecy reveals the true nature of the European Union.
The prophetic books of Daniel and Revelation describe the emergence of a short-lived “world empire” just prior to the return of Christ. They describe a governmental system rooted in the ancient Roman Empire but eventually “devouring the whole earth”, crushing and undemocratic (like Rome) and culminating in a dictatorship, strong as iron (like Rome) – yet influenced by a powerful religious system (symbolized by a “woman on a beast”), proud and humanistic like the biblical Babel, yet a coalition of peoples who will never adhere to one another (symbolized by “iron and clay”).

Isn’t this a good description of the EU? Don’t we see a European elite with aspirations of a ‘holy Roman Empire? Doesn’t the EU already rule nations by dictating their humanistic laws against their will? Don’t we see a powerful and influential church in Europe (the Vatican)? Don’t we see the “woman on the beast” symbol in major European cities? Don’t we see in the EU a proud humanistic system without even a mention of God in its Constitution? Don’t we see the EU nation states frequently sparring with each other?

These prophecies also say that this flawed governmental system will embrace all nations and even attempt to destroy Israel. At the very close of this age its secular political/military leader (link) will invade Israel and, like historic Rome, disrupt Jewish life. The good news is that this will be short-lived and this leader and his collaborators will be completely destroyed at the return of Christ. Prophecies also imply that, despite the 2016 UK EU Referendum outcome (Brexit), eventually even the UK will be absorbed by this end-time system. So this transcendent prophetic wisdom says quite clearly that the EU is bad news and our only real hope is to individually trust in the Lord Jesus Christ.