Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Palestinian refugees, 1948. Image: via / CC BY

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict is Spiritual

You may be surprised at this since it’s not how the world sees it. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is not what is seems. On the surface it is seen as a political or ideological struggle, but its roots are long-standing and spiritual. In all the historical conflicts against Israel, right up to present-day, it is important to recognize that they are driven by unseen spiritual forces. There is a spiritual war against God’s chosen people, Israel, and aggressive nations and leaders are simply Satan’s pawns:

When the Dragon (Satan) saw he’d been thrown to earth, he went after the Woman (Israel) who had given birth to the Man-Child (Jesus) (Revelation 12.13)

Israel is central to God’s plan for the world, but the plan is not recognized by the world. The Bible says the unbelieving world is blind to the truth and the nations believe a lie. In particular, the Arab leadership incite their people to war against Israel with the ultimate aim of the elimination the Jewish state.

The Biblical Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Despite mediation by the west, as in the ‘Road Map to Peace’ and the ‘Two-state Solution’, the only lasting and perfect solution is to be found in the Bible. The Bible instructs the people of Israel how they should treat foreigners (non-Jews). Old Testament Israel was commanded to love foreigners (Deut 10.19) and to let them live normal lives amongst them:

When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall do him no wrong … (he) … shall be to you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself (Lev 19.33,34)

This instruction is timeless and applies now and to future Israel in the Millennial Age. During the Millennium the land is divided up amongst the tribes of Israel and the stranger amongst them is also allotted an inheritance:

And they (strangers) shall be to you as the native-born among the sons of Israel; they shall be allotted an inheritance with you among the tribes of Israel (Ezek 47.22)

So how does this instruction apply to Palestinians today? It seems that in 1989 Ariel Sharon wanted to put this injunction into practice:

From my childhood, I have believed Jews and Arabs can live together, and I believe now they should live together. All the rights to this country, to the land of Israel – especially Judea and Samaria – are Jewish … but everyone who lives in the country should have all the rights of the country.
[Ariel Sharon, TIME, April 1989]

Unfortunately, as long as the Arab leadership (as in Hamas and Hezbollah) refuses to recognize Israel and continues to attack her, such cohabitation is impossible. Meanwhile, the Palestinian people suffer.


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