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Myths about Israel from World Leaders and the Media

Who’s speaking half-truths or even myths about Israel? The list is endless: the UN, the EU, the Palestinian Authority (PA), the pope, the World Council of Churches (WCC) … And how are the lies spread? By the media of course! CNN, CBC, BBC, ITV, the Guardian, and the New York Times have all been accused of media bias or half-truths. For example, in Britain the TV media are accused of reporting bias in favour of Hamas – their statements are inflammatory e.g. “Israel bombs civilian targets with links to Hamas”, link.

What are the most Fundamental Myths about Israel?

myths about Israel

The Star of David – probably the best known of Jewish symbols

Here’s a few examples:

  • Jews have little historical connection with Israel
  • Jews are occupying Palestinian land
  • Jews caused the Palestinian refugee problem
  • Jerusalem is not the Jewish capital
  • The Jewish temple is a myth
  • The two-state solution is the only way forward
  • Palestinians are denied water
  • Israel is a racist state

    Why are these statements inflammatory, or just plain wrong? Take the Jewish capital for instance. The UN and the EU prefer a two-state solution such that Jerusalem is the capital of both Israel and Palestine. But since a Palestinian State never existed in the past, does not exist now, and most likely never will exist, then this position is academic. More fundamentally, in international law it is a sovereign state’s right to determine its own capital, and Israel proclaimed Jerusalem to be her capital shortly after the declaration of the State of Israel in 1948. In any case, no other country in the world has been asked to divide its capital, so why should Israel?

    What is the truth about these and other issues?