The Destiny of Mankind

A Series of Short Articles Outlining the Destiny of Mankind

destiny of mankind

At some point in our lives most of us ask “What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?” Let’s leave aside the mountains of books on philosophy and the many different religions and simply read some key texts in the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation.

The following seven articles are brief and to the point and cover some of the most important concepts of life. In short, they give a timeline of God’s dealings with man and His plan for mankind. They reveal the planned destiny of mankind. The timeline goes something like this:

  • 1. God’s perfect plan from creation is for man to dwell with His Creator in Paradise. To do this, man must become an immortal spiritual being
  • 2. For man to dwell with God (who is Spirit) requires mortal man to become a living spirit through a spiritual re-birth
  • 3. In the Garden of Eden man chose to walk away from Paradise. But God, through Jesus Christ, offers free spiritual re-birth if we choose to accept it
  • 4. God’s plan was to achieve all this through Abraham and his descendants (the tribes of Israel). The nation of Israel was to became God’s witness and blessing to the nations
  • 5. So God made a covenant with Israel: they would be blessed and be a blessing if they followed His laws. They failed, and suffered, but today the nation is being restored to her own land.
  • 6. For those who choose to follow Christ and be spiritually re-born, they can look forward to dwelling with God in Paradise. Their eternal home is with God in the New Earth
  • 7. The Book of Revelation gives a final warning. Man has a choice – to accept spiritual re-birth through Jesus Christ, or reject the offer and so reject eternal life in Paradise


Let’s start with some powerful words from the Hebrew scriptures:



  1. I am searching for my purpose in this world. I have learned to serve all mankind …

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