Coat of Arms and Spiritual Identity

Does a Coat of Arms reveal a Nation’s Stance on Israel?

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Some nations are either supportive of the people and nation of Israel, or they are aggressively antisemitic. Other nations may have their true spiritual stance on Israel suppressed or unrecognized. This appears to be true of many European nations.

Amazingly, this hidden spiritual stance appears to be revealed in the symbols employed in the national emblem or coat of arms of a nation! Nations with a coat of arms (heraldry) displaying lions and crowns may have unrecognized Hebraic roots grown from Israel’s historic scattering and migration into Europe. Conversely, nations exhibiting eagles in their emblem or coat of arms (as in Germany, for example) tend to be driven by satanic powers with the aim of destroying the people of Israel. Are these national symbols revealing truths that are only to be seen at the end of the age (Daniel chapter 12 verse 9)?

coat of arms

UK Coat of Arms. wikipedia. Enlarge

Countries and empires have their own official flags, crests, coats of arms, emblems, seals and other proprietary visual identity. A national coat of arms is a symbol which denotes an independent state in the form of a heraldic i.e. armorial achievement. In the absence of heraldry the national symbol is regarded as an emblem.

Upon close inspection of national symbols we see a binary pattern or pivot. Many ancient nations have similar imagery to Judaic (Israelite) symbols whilst many others use symbols similar to Egyptian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Roman emblems.

Specifically, our attention is drawn to the frequent occurrence of either symbolic lions, or symbolic eagles in the emblems. Amazingly, these symbols often identify nations generally sympathetic to the nation or people of Israel (lions) and nations which are generally aggressive towards Israel (eagles). For instance, the historic Roman Empire used eagle symbols and severely persecuted Israel. Today nations bearing the eagle symbol again tend to be a threat to Israel.

Why this binary divide or pivot? The answer is embedded in biblical history, especially around Abraham, the tribes of Israel and their migration across the world. The significant point is that these ancient biblical blessings and hatreds (a spiritual divide) appear to have been carried over to many of today’s nations, and this divide is often embedded in their national emblem or coat of arms! So is a country’s real spiritual allegiance or otherwise to the nation or people of Israel now revealed? Does a nation’s emblem or coat of arms provide an immediate visual revelation? Does a nation’s coat of arms or emblem tend to reflect one side of the spiritual battle between God’s people and those motivated by Satan?

A Little Biblical History

Let’s briefly review what happened to Abraham and his descendants, the tribes of Israel. This is crucial to understanding the unseen spiritual battle between nations today.

Abraham, Ishmael and Isaac

count the stars

God said to Abraham ‘count the stars’. Enlarge

God promised Abram (soon to be renamed Abraham) that He would make him a great nation (Gen 12:2) with an innumerable number of descendants – like the stars of heaven (Gen 15:5). God promised to make Abraham “exceedingly fruitful and nations and kings i.e. monarchies would come from him” (Gen 17:6). But for many years Abraham’s wife Sarah was childless and so she persuaded Abraham to have an heir via her Egyptian maidservant Hagar (Gen 16.1-4). Hagar subsequently bore Abraham a son called Ishmael.

So when God later promised Abraham that He would establish His everlasting covenant with his descendants, Abraham naturally assumed this would be via Ishmael and his descendants. Not so! God said Sarah, now well passed child bearing age, would bear Abraham a son and God’s everlasting covenant would be with him and his descendants. Sarah was to be a “mother of nations” (Gen 16:12, 17:18,19). Sarah subsequently bore Abraham a son called Isaac (Gen 21:1-7). So it was Isaac who inherited the birthright (the leadership and judicial authority of the family), not Ishmael.

The Arabs: As a result of the strife between Sarah and Hagar over Ishmael, God promised Hagar that Ishmael would also be fruitful and become a great nation with twelve princes or sons (Gen 17:20, 25:13-16). It is widely held that the descendants of Ishmael became the Arabs of the Middle East, although some claim they were not the sole tribes in the Arabian Desert, see Bedouin tribes. Nevertheless, we do see God’s promise born out in the Arab nations of today. We see Arab princes in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait etc. who have been blessed with much wealth thanks to natural oil resources. A downside was that Ishmael would be a “wild aggressive man” (Gen 16.12). These historic events split the timeline for man into two paths, leading eventually to the spiritual divide or pivot we see today!

Detailed Blessings of Abraham’s Descendants

Abraham’s faith was tested to the extreme when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac, his only and much loved son. But as Abraham drew the knife the Angel of the LORD called out to him not to hurt the lad (Gen 22:12). As a result of Abraham’s obedience and great faith, the LORD blessed him and his descendants unconditionally, reaffirming earlier promises to him.

Blessing I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have obeyed My voice (Gen 22:17-18)

Abraham’s descendants would be uncountable, like the stars (Gen 15.5). These peoples would spread all over the world and “posses the gates of their enemies” – a reference to future control of key commercial and military locations in the world, link. The same promise of strategic control was also given to Isaac’s descendants (Gen 24:60). The last part of Genesis 22:18 points to the coming Messiah (the Christ) who’s sacrifice would offer salvation for all mankind. As promised, Abraham’s blessing were handed down to Jacob, his grandson. In a dream God told Jacob:

Your descendants shall be as the dust of the earth; you shall spread abroad to the west and the east, to the north and the south (Gen 28:14)

God appeared to Jacob again and named him “Israel” (Gen 35:10). He then revealed to him more detail of the future blessings:

God said to him: “I am God Almighty. Be fruitful and multiply; a nation and a company of nations shall proceed from you, and kings shall come from your body” (Gen 35:11)

Summarizing: Abraham’s descendants would include kings (monarchies) and they would be fruitful and very numerous (Gen 32:12, 48:19). They would be blessed with fruitful, productive lands (Deut 33:13-16). Reference to “a company of nations” is sometimes interpreted as the Commonwealth ‘extension’ of Great Britain, link, link. These peoples would also spread all over the world and control key commercial and military locations in the world, link.

Where are these monarchies today? Are they seen for example in the European monarchies of Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Belgium and the Netherlands? Here we have hundreds of millions of generally prosperous people occupying good lands and with similar-looking coats of arms: Lions and Crowns. Could these peoples be some of Abraham’s descendants – descendants of the tribes of Israel? See later.

Descendants of Isaac: Esau, Jacob and the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Isaac prayed to the LORD on behalf of his wife Rebekah because she was childless. The LORD answered his prayer, and she became pregnant. In fact, two children struggled together within her and she said asked the LORD “Why?”. The LORD replied:

Two nations are in your womb. Two peoples shall be separated from your body. One people shall be stronger than the other, and the older shall serve the younger (Gen 25:23)

Rebekah gave birth to twins (Gen 25:24-26). The first came out reddish all over like a hairy garment; and they named him Esau (meaning hairy). Esau become the father of the Edomites. His brother followed and was named Jacob (meaning ‘supplanter’, because later he would deprive Esau of his birthright and his blessing). Jacob was later renamed Israel by God, and his 12 sons became the twelve tribes of Israel.

Birthright Blessings: Jacob’s firstborn was Reuben and traditionally he should have received the family birthright. But due to Reuben’s sin the birthright went to his younger brother Joseph – in reality to his two sons Manasseh and Ephraim (1 Chron 5.1). Again, traditionally the elder brother Manasseh should have had the birthright, but under the Spirit’s guidance Jacob gave the younger brother Ephraim the birthright (Gen 48.16-20). So, although Ephraim’s older brother Manasseh would become a great people, Ephraim would became greater and become “a multitude of nations” (Gen 48.17-22). Ephraim in Hebrew means ‘fruitful, fertile, productive’. A key text here is the blessing of Moses upon Joseph and his two sons Ephraim and Manasseh:

His glory is like the firstling of his bullock, and his horns are like the horns of unicorns: with them he shall push the people together to the ends of the earth: and they are the ten thousands of Ephraim, and they are the thousands of Manasseh (Deut 33.17, KJV)

Note that Ephraim in particular will spread “to the ends of the earth”. Historically there is strong evidence that the northern kingdom (the Kingdom of Israel) was scattered and migrated north and west towards northwest Europe. These are the so-called Ten Lost Tribes. From there they became numerous and did indeed spread to the ends of the earth. Does this help explain the presence of monarchies in northwest Europe and their similar national coats of arms?

Ongoing Edomite hostility towards Israel

Esau hated Jacob for the following reasons:

  • Esau sold his family birthright to Jacob simply for a pot of red stew. And then Esau regretted what he had done (Gen 25:29-34). The red colour of the stew led to the term ‘Edomites’ (Edom meaning ‘red’)
  • Jacob later deceived his Father Isaac and stole the blessing due to the first born (Gen 27). This made Jacob master over Esau. Jacob received blessing of the field (grain, wine etc.) and mastery over the nations (Gen 27:28-29)

Esau bitterly protested, and so Isaac gave him similar blessing (the dew of heaven and the fatness of the earth). But all this came with a hostile characteristic. Esau and his descendants would “live by the sword” (Gen 27:39,40). So Esau’s resentment turned into never-ending “hatred and anger” against the Israelites (Ezek 35:5,11). Throughout history the Edomites would live near Jacob’s territories and his descendants would be hostile towards Jacob’s descendants, the Israelites. These peoples would try to annihilate Israel.

Esau’s Descendants – Edomites and Amalekites

The historical background here is crucial to understanding Israel’s enemies today. Esau (aka Edom) married women of Canaan: a Hittite, a Hivite and an Ishmaelite. He then took his wives and all his possessions and settled in Mount Seir (Gen 36:8). Bible maps locate the ancient Edomites SE of the Dead Sea, see map. Historically, Edom sought to block Israel’s first entrance into the Promised Land and attacked Israel during the reigns of her many kings, link.

The Amalekites are descended from Amalek, a grandson of Esau, and so fall naturally into the anti-Israel alliance. Amalek became a chief among the Edomites and his tribe distinguished itself as a ruthless enemy of Israel link.

Because of what Amalek did to God’s people, God commanded king Saul to completely eliminate the Amalekites, including their livestock (1 Sam 15:3). But Saul failed to complete the command, and Amalekites still fought against Israel during David’s reign (1 Sam 30:1). As God foresaw, Israel’s failure to completely eliminate the Amalekites would lead to everlasting trouble for Israel (Gen 35.5).

Where are the Amalekites Today?

The nation of Amalek is long gone, but many Israelis see Amalek living on in their daily enemies, link. The title of Amalek is frequently placed on the worst of their enemies.

Rabbis believe that Amalek exists in the world today, in individuals and in nations, but that it is impossible to say with certainty who is Amalek, link. They claim that due to the natural mixing of nations we cannot point at any one nation and say that they are Amalek. Rather, Rabbis claim “Amalek is a symbol, a character trait to kill Israel”. So some see Hamas as “the seed of Amalek”.

Germany: An Amalek-type Country

As discussed, we cannot with certainty trace the Amalekites to a particular country. But there appears to be more certainty in the case of Germany. When Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany visited Jerusalem during his journey to the Holy Land almost all the religious leaders of Jerusalem came to the city gates to greet him. Rabbi Yosef Chaim Sonnenfeld, the spiritual leader of Ashkenazic Jewry in Israel at that time, didn’t go. When asked ‘why?’ he replied that although the Kaiser himself was deserving of the honor bestowed upon him, “I have a tradition that Germany is Amalek”, link.

To quote Rabbi Winston, link:

Every nation has a unique spiritual nature … there is certainly an aspect of Germany that is connected to that aspect of Amalek

Germany certainly fits the biblical Edom/Amalek description of an aggressive country (aka the holocaust), together with the blessing of fertility – the fatness of the earth and the dew from heaven (Gen 27:39). Despite its northerly latitude, Germany avoids prolonged extreme temperatures, has abundant rainfall, and has more than half of the country as farmland, link.

Italy: Some have also identified Italy as an Edom/Amelakite country. Italy introduced anti-Jewish racial laws in 1938 and the Holocaust began in Italy in 1943, link. But, like Germany, Italy is blessed in fertility and is a world leader in wine and olive oil production as well as in many fruits, link.

Although we cannot with certainty trace the Amalekites to particular countries today, we will see that there is a way of identifying “Amalek-type” countries. It is through national emblems or coats of arms.

Coat of Arms: Distinctive Features

It happens that the current coat of arms of the United Kingdom and Germany are radically different. One has lions and a crown, the other has a rather aggressive looking black eagle. This symbolic distinction could be significant since lions and eagles are used in the emblems of many other nations. As already mentioned, it appears that the symbols used in a coat of arms or emblem often indicated a nation’s respect or otherwise for the people of Israel. Put simply, Amalek-type nations can often be identified by an eagle on their emblem or coat of arms! On the other hand, as in the case of the United States, eagles can occasionally identify Israel-friendly nations.

The Jewish Sefer Torah

A Sefer Torah is a long scroll containing the entire text of the Five Books of Moses, all hand-written in the original Hebrew, link. It is rolled up around two ornate wooden shafts, attached to either end of the scroll. The Torah mantle (cover) and the holy ark in which it is stored is fabricated with the finest velvet and often feature a crown and two lions with paws resting on the sides of the Luchot (stone tablets engraved with the ten commandments), link. The lion is the symbol of the tribe of Judah, and the crown symbolises the great kings (including the Messiah) who came from Judah.

So why do so many European nations use these key Hebraic symbols? Is it because of their historical links to the scattered tribes of Israel? Do they have hidden Hebraic roots?

Symbolic Lions in the Bible

Emblem of Jerusalem

Emblem of Jerusalem. Wikimedia

The lion symbol appears on the armories of many nations and this article suggests there could be a biblical connection. Gentile nations using the lion symbol could have hidden links to the nation of Israel.

When the lion is used symbolically in the Bible we must examine the context. In a negative sense, Satan is said to “walk about like a roaring lion” (1 Pet 5:8). The context is one of destruction. When used in a positive sense, the Bible likens Jesus Christ to a lion, and it is this context which is important here. Did you know that throughout the centuries, Jews (mainly people of the Israelite tribe of Judah) have been using the symbol of two lions upholding a crown? This is found in synagogues, home decors and jewelry. The sefer Torah (handwritten scrolls containing the Torah) are wrapped in regal velvet casing with two lions and a crown on top, affirming this people’s allegiance to the true King of the Universe – the Creator God of the Bible.

The lions represent the tribe of Judah. In Genesis 49, Jacob blessed his son Judah calling him a lion’s cub and telling him that the scepter (a royal symbol of kingship) shall belong to him until the Messiah comes (Gen 49:9,10):

Judah is a lion’s whelp … he lies down as a lion … and as a lion, who shall rouse him? The scepter shall not depart from Judah until Shiloh [the Messiah, the Peaceful One] comes (Gen 49:9-10)

Indeed, Jesus, King of the Jews, was of the tribe of Judah. The official symbol of the city of Jerusalem shows a rampant lion. It represents the “lion of Judah” since Jerusalem was the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Judah.

Mysteriously, British, Belgian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian monarchies also chose to have lions upholding a crown in their coat of arms. Why? Other countries have lions in their emblems, but without a crown. Could these emblems point to nations who are historically linked to the tribes of Israel, and who are generally supportive of Israel. As already pointed out, there is strong evidence that the scattered Kingdom of Israel (the northern kingdom) migrated towards these nations in NW Europe, link.

Symbolic Eagles in the Bible

Some national emblems incorporate an eagle symbol rather than a lion. Is this significant? Let’s see what the Bible has to say about eagles. The eagle symbol is found in both the Old Testament and New Testament and represents sovereignty and supremacy. The Bible uses the symbol in a beneficial way for man. For instance, Israel escaped from Egypt as if on “eagles wings” (Exod 19:4), and the strength of an eagle is likened to the strength given to those who wait (trust) on God (Psalm 103:5). But the eagle is also used to correct man. For instance, when Israel was disobedient God used the power and swiftness of the eagle to symbolize His judgment upon them (Duet 28:49). Like God, the eagle looks down from on high and sees all (Job 39:29).

In the New Testament Jesus uses the eagle to symbolize the gathering of believers (as eagles) to Himself (the body) at His Second Coming (Lk 17:37). And at the end of this age Bible prophecy indicates that some from Israel will be supernaturally protected from Satanic persecution. They are carried into the wilderness on the wings of “a great eagle” (Rev 12:14).

The eagle is also highlighted as a principal part of God’s creation. Revelation 4 verses 6-9 describes four aspects of creation which have principality: among intellectual creatures, Man; among birds, the Eagle; among cattle, the Ox; and among wild beasts, the Lion. Each of these has a kingdom and a certain magnificence, but each is submissive to the kingdom of God. These creatures may be considered the representatives of the whole creation. The eagle is also used to voice God’s warming to the inhabitants of the earth at the end of this age (Rev 8:13).

coat of arms

The Great Seal of the United States. Wikimedia. Enlarge

The United States of America: The Great Seal of the United States is the official, heraldic emblem of the United States of America. It is used to authenticate certain documents issued by the federal government. Traditionally the US has been a strong supporter of Israel, whilst generally being a defender of democracy against tyranny, as in WW2. These two characteristics may be reflected in the eagle of the Great Seal.

Note that the left claw clutches 13 arrows (referring to the original 13 states) whilst the right claw holds an olive branch. Significantly, the eagle’s head is turned towards the olive branch, implying that, whilst powerful, the nation’s preference is for peace, not war.

Some link the arrows to the reference to “archers” and the “strong bow” made by Jacob when he blessed Joseph (Genesis 49). The descendants of Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh) were made strong in war by the hands of God, whilst being essentially peace loving and very fruitful. And in Deut 33 Moses blessed Ephraim and Manasseh to be fruitful, with Ephraim symbolically numbering “tens of thousands” and Manasseh numbering “thousands”. Some suggest that the UK and the British Commonwealth is associated with the tribe of Ephraim, whilst the US is associated with the tribe of Manasseh. Could the unicorn on the UK Coat of Arms be the “unicorn” of Deut 33:17 (KJV)? More at Ten Lost Tribes.

Conclusion: the Bible generally sees the eagle in a powerful, protective and positive light, although the power, keen vision and swiftness of the eagle can also be associated with God’s judgment. Could degenerate ‘lion nations’ like Britain be chastened by eagle nations?

Eagle Symbols in National Emblems – Predator Nations

coat of arms

Coat of Arms of Germany. Wikimedia. Enlarge

As discussed, the Bible generally uses the eagle in a positive light (although sometimes the eagle represents swift judgment upon nations – as in the deep symbolism of Rev 4:7, link). Unfortunately, the United States excepted, this positive symbolism seems not to transfer when it comes to some national emblems. For many nations the eagle symbol tends to portray a strongly hostile stance against the nation of Israel.

coat of arms

Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation. Wikimedia. Enlarge

The Aquila of Rome: Recall that Roman armies destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD and completed the scattering of the tribes of Israel throughout the nations. This was God’s judgement upon Israel because of her rejection of their true Messiah. The point here is that Roman legions marched under the ‘aquila’ (Latin for “eagle”) standard.

There is also a deep, spiritual reason why nations hate the people of Israel. Satan hates the Jews since they led to the Saviour of the world (Rev 12:13-17). Prophecy says that this hatred will intensify at the end of this age.

Roman Eagle. Wikimedia. Enlarge

Coat Arms of Iraq (1991-2004). Enlarge

Predator Nations

Here are some of the nations who, at some stage at least, have displayed a menacing eagle in their coat of arms or national emblems. The significant point is that generally they have been aggressive to the nation of Israel. Simultaneously, they tend to be ‘unfriendly’ to nations who mysteriously use Israelite symbols in their coat of arms (lion, unicorn or a crown).

Key nations or peoples that have had a devastating effect upon the nation of Israel in the past:

Roman Empire: Destroyed Jerusalem and Second Temple 70 AD. Jews dispersed
Russian Empire: Pogroms: Anti-Jewish violence late 19th century. Property destroyed, women raped, thousands murdered
Germany and Austria: The Holocaust 1939-45. Auschwitz killed 1.1 million Jews

Eagle – Symbol of Arab Nationalism

Given the hostility towards modern-day Israel from her immediate neighbours, we might expect these nations to employ the eagle symbolism. This is indeed the case. At various times in recent history, the Eagle of Saladin has been used by Egypt, the United Arab Republic (Egypt and Syria), Yemen, Libya, Iraq and Palestine as a symbol of Arab nationalism. The eagle symbol has also been used by Sudan. Their hostility to Israel is clear:

Egypt: Participated in the 1949, 1967 and 1973 invasions of Israel
Yemen: Iranian-backed Houthis aim to rid Yemen of its Jewish community
Iraq: The Jewish community in Iraq is now virtually eliminated, link
Palestine: Palestinian leadership vows to ‘eliminate Israel’
Libya: Politically unstable, presence of ISIS. Jewish community now eliminated, link
Sudan: Growing antisemitism in 20th century. Most Jews now emigrated

Some of these nations will join Russia and Iran in the imminent ‘Gog-Magog war’ against Israel (see below). Other eagle emblem countries are: Chile, Colombia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Indonesia, Liechtenstein, Moldova, Mexico and Montenegro.

Iran: A Notable Exception

For many years the emblem of Iran (ancient Persia) bore the lion symbol. The coat of arms of the Imperial State of Iran (1932-1979) displayed two rampant sword-yielding lions, link. But after the 1979 Iranian revolution the emblem changed to four crescents and a sword to represent the Islamic Republic of Iran.

This could be prophetically significant. Persia is prophesied to be one of the leaders of the (essentially Islamic) invasion of Israel at the end of this age, see Gog-Magog war. Russia, an ‘eagle nation’ also appears to be involved. Today Iran is a major player in the military stand-off with Israel, and vows to ‘eliminate Israel’.

Lion Symbols in National Emblems – Hebraic Nations?

coat of arms

Netherlands Royal Coat of Arms. Sodacan, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia. Enlarge

Just as some nations are grouped together under the eagle (and pose a threat to Israel), it is logical to ask why some nations are grouped together under the lion symbol. Is there a hidden Hebraic theme to these nations? As discussed, tracing through secular history, could this be a sign that these nations are distantly related to scattered Israel (the ten tribes)? Let’s highlight nations whose coat of arms exhibit royalty – lions and crowns:

United Kingdom: Exhibits lions, a unicorn and a crown. The mythical unicorn (Heb ‘reem’) is mentioned nine times in the Hebrew Bible
Netherlands: the coat of arms of the kingdom exhibits three lions and a crown
Sweden: the coat of arms of the kingdom essentially exhibits four lions and a crown
Belgium: the coat of arms of the kingdom exhibits three lions and a crown
Luxembourg: the coat of arms of the Grand Duchy exhibit two lions, a rampant lion and a crown
Norway: the coat of arms of Norway is a standing golden lion on a red background, bearing a golden crown
Denmark: the coat of arms of the Danish Royal House bear eight lions and three crowns
Finland: the coat of arms of Finland is a crowned lion
Spain: the coat of arms of Spain reflects a constitutional monarchy, with a rampant lion and a royal crown
Bulgaria: the coat of arms shows a crowned rampant lion and two crowned golden rampant lions
Georgia (Caucasus region): the coat of arms features St George, two lions and a crown

Note that, although France is geographically local to these nations, it does not have an official coat of arms aka no monarchy. Instead, the French Republic has an official national emblem, link. Some link France to the Hebrew tribe of Reuben and prophecy says this tribe will be “unstable as water and shall not excel” (Gen 49:4). Today, France is becoming increasingly antisemitic.

The Hebraic Link

Note some intriguing characteristics of these ‘lion nations’. In refreshing contrast to the federalism of the EU, they have retained their monarchies and heraldry in that their coats of arms exhibit lion and crown symbols. Combined, and when the British Commonwealth is included, they are very numerous, numbering hundreds of millions spread throughout the world. They are also blessed with fertile lands and inventive genius e.g. the industrial revolution.

These nations have enhanced the world in terms of economic, educational, religious, and political (democratic) endeavors. Britain in particular stands out as the promotion of the Bible throughout the world (stemming from the Protestant Reformation). Strangely, Britain also came to control strategic geographical areas e.g. the Suez Canal, the Straits of Gibraltar, the Straits of Hormuz, the Singapore Strait and so on, link. And through the 1917 Balfour Declaration, Britain paved the way for a Jewish homeland.

Blessings of Joseph: Clearly, the blessings of the ‘lion nations’ of Europe echo the blessings of Abraham’s descendants (previously discussed). Are we seeing the blessings of Joseph – the tribes of Ephraim and Manasseh – played out in Europe and her offspring (Deut 33:13-17)? Are we seeing the promised blessings of land fertility, a numerous people spread throughout the nations, kings (monarchies) and strategic control of key geographic areas?

This, coupled with strong evidence of the gradual migration of Israel (the ten tribes) from Canaan into northwest Europe, link, suggests that nations with such heraldry are prophetically special. It appears that the presence of a heraldic coat of arms bearing lions and crowns (as opposed to an emblem) is a strong indication of the Israelite (Hebraic) roots of a nation. Such nations could even be expected to adopt a pro-Israel stance in today’s world. In contrast, nations utilizing the eagle symbol are likely to take an aggressive stance against Israel.

Do National Emblems Reveal a Hidden Spiritual War?

Clearly, the emblem (or seal, or coat of arms) of an individual nation has developed over the centuries. Various historical factors peculiar to that nation are incorporated into its current emblem. But curiously, many emblems fall into one of two groups: they exhibit either lion or eagle symbols. It’s as though there has been a spiritual influence shaping present-day emblems in order to convey a hidden message to the world. This can be seen in the correlation between the chosen symbol and a nation’s response to the nation of Israel (aka the Jews).

End Time Events

The concept of a hidden message appears to be supported by current and prophesied scenarios. For instance, note that many of the ‘lion nations’ are member states of the European Union – a federal system without God in its Constitution. So it is tempting to see the EU is a satanic attempt to subdue or silence their hidden allegiance to Israel. Certainly, Christianity in Europe has declined and antisemitism has increased. Secondly, note that some major ‘eagle nations’ are openly aggressive towards Israel. Prophetically, this will lead to war against Israel, link.

So are we observing a spiritual war played out like a chess match. Lion nations protect the king (of Israel) whilst eagle nations attack him? Prophetically, do the aggressive eagle nations represent the fourth and final world empire to rule over Israel (Daniel 7:19-25). Many see this crushing world system as a Revived Roman Empire (probably centered on the EU) which persecutes Israel. The good news is that it is short-lived and is utterly destroyed at Christ’s Return, (Dan 2:34).

Prophecy says that certain truths are hidden or sealed until the end of the age:

The words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end. Many shall be purified, made white, and refined, but the wicked shall do wickedly; and none of the wicked shall understand, but the wise shall understand (Dan 12:9-10)

May the Lord God of Israel love and protect you and give you understanding and wisdom as the Day approaches.


  1. Absurd…the so-called Blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans are the Biblical Israelites. Refer to Deuteronomy 28:15-68 for identifiers. The Israelites are and have always been a dark race of people, Christ is black refer to Revelation 1:14. The writer of this article is surely an Edomite/Idumea

  2. Yes the throne of King David was translated to England Scotland an Ireland the first Kings of England Scotland an Ireland are descendants of the people who started the United States they all come from the tribe of Judah

  3. Thank you for very Good info . I have myself tried and searched exactly how the Jewish people was spread all over Europe, particularly the north considering that that Viking god was named Odin which in no way is Swedish but more of an middle eastern name. Each country in Sweden has its own crest and their original are unknown and first noticed on the funeral of king Gustav Vasa around 1400. Comparing coat of arms of David and other its a perfect match to most of the Swedish county crests.

  4. Hello.

    Who occupies the throne of King David?

    Your’s Faithfully

    Ryan Michael McCrossan

    1. Good question. Since this throne is established forever (Jeremiah 33:17) then this throne must be present in the world today – ready for Jesus when He returns (Luke 1:32). The Hebraic link on this page suggests the throne rests with the monarchies of the United Kingdom

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