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Questions and Answers on the Mystery of Israel

Like it or not – YOUR life will be affected (if not already) by the tiny nation called Israel. You may hate Israel and want to take her to an international court for, as many claim, ‘occupying Palestinian land’. Or you may just ignore Israel. But you can’t escape her influence. She is a mystery that cannot be explained by politicians or destroyed by aggressors, and she holds the key to the destiny of peoples and nations. Israel is the vortex of future world-shattering events that are soon to occur.

Here’s a starter – perhaps an eye-opener – on the mystery of Israel. Click on the questions below for concise accurate answers based on historical facts, legal facts and biblical truth.

The Nation “Israel”

Although only some 8 million people today, the nation of Israel is the most important nation on earth!

Israel the Fig Tree


Is Israel a special nation? If so, what’s her purpose?

When did the nation “Israel” first appear in history?

Why did Israel disappear, only to re-emerge today?

Why has there been mass migration of Jews to Israel?

A mystery: in what sense is Israel like a fig tree?


The People of Israel

Over the last 100 years there has been mass immigration to Israel. Between 1915 and 2015 there has been a 7400% increase in the Jewish population! Why?

Her people


What is meant by the term “the tribes of Israel”?

Who are the “Jews”?

What are the demographics of Israel today?

What will happen to the Israeli people?

Are the Israeli people specially gifted?

Are the Israeli people specially protected?


Image: Jewish holidays. Amos Gil CC BY 2.5, Wikimedia Commons

The Land of Israel

Believe it or not, all the land shown in this map as ‘Jewish Palestine” is still legally open to settlement by Jews as part of their internationally agreed homeland!

Her land


Why do many Jews claim the Land of Israel to be their own?

What were the historical boundaries of Israel?

What are the legal boundaries of Israel today?

What are the future biblical boundaries of Israel?

What has happened to the land itself over the past 100 years?

Why is Israel finding large oil and gas reserves?

How has ‘dry’ Israel met the water needs of a growing population?

Will Israel’s climate change for the better?


Image: The 1922 League of Nations sub-division. Image: Eli E. Hertz. Enlarge

Israel & Politics

Whilst not politically ideal, Israel is the best representation of democracy in the Middle East. Sadly, this fact is overshadowed by dubious political claims on the ‘West Bank’ and on Jerusalem. The Bible implies that these political dinosaurs will be ‘heavy stones to lift’



What are the main characteristics of the Israeli Government?

In what political sense is Israel unique in the Middle East?

Who are Israel’s political allies in the world?

What’s the “West Bank” and can Israelis legally settle there?

Why is the “Two-state Solution” to the West Bank unworkable?

West Bank: What’s the best but politically unworkable solution?

Why is Jerusalem important?

Israel’s leaders challenge the world


Image: Central Israel, showing the West Bank and temporary ‘Green Line’ border. Enlarge

Bias and Aggression against Israel

The media is strongly biased against Israel and public opinion is shaped by the media. But is this honest reporting? And is there a deeper reason for the bias and aggression against Israel?

Israel explained


Why is the world biased against Israel?

How does the UN treat Israel?

Will boycotts (like BDS) succeed against Israel?

What does the institutionalized church think of Israel?

Why does Islam want to destroy Israel?

What’s the real reason for aggression against Israel?


Image: Stephen D. Melkisethian / Foter, CC BY-NC-ND

The Immediate Future of Israel

Prophecy indicates that the time to the end of this present age will be traumatic for the world, and especially for Israel

Her future

Future war against Israel – Armageddon

What happens to the attacking nations?

How many Israeli’s survive?

What happens to those Israeli’s who survive?

What world-shattering events happen when Israel is attacked?


Israel’s Iron Dome Defense System. Image: IDF & Nehemiya Gershoni Flickr, license CC-BY-SA-3.0

Israel explained

Future land allocation between the 12 tribes of Israel (Ezek 48). Enlarge

Israel's future

Future land allocation around Jerusalem (Ezek 45,48 – measurements in cubits). Enlarge

Israel in a Future Age – the Millennium

The maps show the division of the land and the new temple area in the Millennial Age

Will the world end at Armageddon?

What happens in or around Jerusalem?

How do the gentile nations now respond to Israel?

What is the role of Israel in this future age on earth?

What will life be like in this future age?

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